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2007-09-19 16:51:42 by MidniteRoses666

In the Middle of my Flash CA125 Class. So I found out about the Motion Guide today, and it helps tremendously. I predict a substantial increase in quality in my movies to come.

Upcoming Movies: SPRITE BATTLES - Just as the titles says. Using a huge bunch of sprites from video games to create one epic battle. This will be my first movie to introduce a Menu System and Scene Selection, and it will also be my first movie to exceed over 1 minute. I'm shooting for at least 5, if not more.

I hope you all will enjoy watching it. xD



2007-09-18 00:00:10 by MidniteRoses666

Uploaded the first short flash cartoon of "YOURSPACE.COM", a creation of mine. Many more to come. It will feature the same character (ME) and the many adventures of being online...and hating myspace and stuff LOL. Anywho, SHOW SOME LOVE! xD


2007-09-13 11:59:45 by MidniteRoses666

Posted a "teaser" for a project that'll be finished sometime by christmas. In addition to this project, "Red and Blue Returns", I'm also starting to make a cartoon called "SKOOL OF LERN" which I feel people will enjoy. I intend for the first episode to be out sometime within the next week or two.


2007-09-07 22:01:37 by MidniteRoses666

Just joined NewGrounds. Uploaded my first Flash animation. Lol, it's not very good, but I think it's hilarious. I'm learning Flash in College, and thought I'd share my projects with everyone. I hope you all enjoy it.

Please watch "Red and Blue", my first Animation and vote for it =P